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A dumb-ass fucking town that's full of snobs and people who get high for a living.

P1: Hey, wat'd you do last night man?
P2: Got high.
P1: Same....
by lovehatesameshit December 28, 2010
A dumbass worthless motherfucking town in Central New Jersey where every boy sucks their own dicks and the girls lick their own pussies. Everyone there is spoiled and superbly high on marijuana, and no one cares about people's lives. All the poor ghetto useless Jamesburg motherfuckers look-up to this gay retarded township in the middle of a stupid trashy hated state. If you're looking to move here, I suggest you turn your ass away to another town, really. And to all the people that live here, GO FUCK YOURSELF. WEED IS BAD.
PERSON FROM MONROE. I'm from Monroe Township, New Jersey.
PERSON FROM ANOTHER PLACE. I'm gonna call the cops because you're high.
by The Master Of Urban Dictionary October 13, 2015
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