A word used instead of the infamous 'lol' (laugh out loud), which is normally used when talking online. Can be shortened to 'MF.'
Guy #1: OMG I just totally fell over there.
Guy #2: Monkfish!
Guy #1: MF.
by Mo Bob December 20, 2006
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An insult used to insult people when you are short of insults.
Seen as a plan B option to insult people which will always get you respect an admiration.
Also a fish that tastes nice
Joe: Your mum is fat
Bob: er *blank* your such a monkfish
Joe: ...
Crowd: *cheers*
by maniacishere October 21, 2009
An ugly mo fo who can't keep their gob shut!
Hey monk fish get a life!
Yo (insert name) ya wife's a monk fish she told me she was sleeping with another guy!
by User_87 December 17, 2014
The funniest man ever, played by Simon Day. Trademarks include telling people to shut it, and telling everyone he's in charge, also owner of the greatest pose ever. Can be seen in All Monkfish great and small and on channel 9, MMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOONNNNNKKKKKFFFFIIIIISSSSSSHHHHH!!
I know this must be a very difficult time for you, so put ya knickers on and go make me a cup of tea!
by Dave Eras April 04, 2004
A fish derived of it's sanity and has the lowest IQ possible
Jash fish
by clops July 16, 2003
the monkfish is a very tantalizing dish, it comes in a delicious array of recipes to cater for all tastes. It is quite a salacious variety thats why there are so many in the waters today breeding their way into oblivion. Courtney introduced us into the magical world of monkfishism, and we adorn our walls in various shrines devoted to them.
ugly with large tenticle things and a big mouth
by laura February 13, 2004

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