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Hairy Man,also used as a term of endearment and rebuke.
"I love you Monkey Man".................

"Fuck off Monkey Man"...................

"oh,Monkey Man,you're the best"..............
by Dr Lokoss July 06, 2004
10 9
A monkeyman is a sweet adoable boyfriend with sexy tufts of chest hair, and who admits to being a monkeyman just to be cute for his girlfriend. A monkeyman also likes to cuddle and wrap himself againt his girlfirend to keep her warm with his monkeyness. A monkeyman is the best lover in the universe and will tell you to shut up and get on his horse whenever he feels like monkeying around.
I just love your monkeyness!" "You're such a monkeyman!
by Label'sGirl September 22, 2010
2 2
1) A pretty lousy superhero that does not quite fit in with the true definition of superhero. He's like Robin Hood, in the sense that he steals from the rich. But then he shoots the poor... and the rich. He's a monkey/human crossover from a drunken hooker and a horny monkey. He fell into a pit of toxic waste and gained super powers. He has an all red body, a curly tail, and a really weird single ear that droops down the side of his face. He has a trusty sidekick the boy, who can't do anything right besides being annoying and dying.
"Holy Genocide Monkey Man, your not supposed to burn down the church, kill the minister then rape his wife, just to get at the collection plate!"

"I don't care"
by The Mighty Pornus May 29, 2006
12 12
A funny person/creature and just plain fun to be around.
John: Did uou here what Monkey-Man siad today that was freekin funny!
by N. Mason April 07, 2011
4 5
hairy male that has long arms and it good at climbing.
hey monkeyman, get your hairy ass out of that tree.
by monkeyface July 20, 2003
5 7
When you have a stoner of a boyfriend and they get so high they are almost in a trance and forget you are there. i.e zoning out by watching t.v or making food. When you try to tell them a story they don't listen.
I tried to tell bryan about my day at work but he was too busy being monkey man.
by Jessica smackdown March 05, 2008
7 10
Hairy Man
Dave Thorburn
by Jenna February 05, 2004
2 6