In a fight, hitting somebody with combo after combo or hitting your oponent from all sides; on the head, in the gut, behind them, ect.

When a monkey fights they wild out hitting you any way they can
He got knocked out after getting hit with that monkey knuckle. You can't block the monkey knuckle.
by MiC Check October 12, 2005
Top Definition
1. Buldge made by skin-tight underwear.
2. Showing of male goods with tight pants or shorts worn around lower chest.
3. Male version of camel toe.
see also: snake and eggs
That homo on his skates was showing his monkey knuckle.
by Mo.D. September 14, 2004
Like a camel toe but much smaller often referred to as a shetland vagina
Did you see her monkey knuckle? It was the smallest vagina I've ever seen.
by lunchbox#1 July 11, 2012
1 step higher than a cameltoe
look at that bitches monkeyknuckle!!!
by mike! June 06, 2004
A person who has limited brain power. Not retarded, but very unaware. A self induced simpleton, usually a pothead / stoner type move.

i.e. kin to a primate. Neanderthal (knuckle dragger)

mildly derogatory insult
"Monkey knuckle!, Why would you wash your bosses car with an industrial pressure washer?
by For Tony Baloney Matukas January 27, 2010
1 step higher than a cameltoe
look at that ho's cameltoe!!!
by Mike! June 08, 2004
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