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Hanging from the rim preferably with one arm after you dunk on someone. Usually accompanied by a big scream.
Man, you just see that monkey jam on that white boy.
by actiondon April 18, 2009
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Late-era extremely boring pseudo-funk jams performed live by jamband Phish.
"Man, this band really went downhilll after Trey got strung out on smack and all they would do live was play 20-minute long monkey jams."
by E-Male December 23, 2008
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slang for rap music. any tunes that black people feel necessary to blare when they are driving their caddys.
"Those idiots hanging out by the welfare office are blarring their monkey jams way louder than they need to"

any artist whose name starts with "lil'" or "young"

such as lil wayne or young joc
by johanna315 June 19, 2008
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