A person who likes monkeys a little too much.
tanner is a monkey fucker.
by Lou March 01, 2003
Top Definition
v.---in military circles, the "monkey fucker" is an excercise used to warm up for a physical exercise session. The individual or persons performing the Monkey Fucker squat in such a way that their arms go between their legs, and around to the outside of their ankles. the exercise consists of lowering the hips repeatedly, and the appearance this gives is what lends the exercise its name.
Hey, that guy is doing the Monkey Fucker! Damn that shit looks funny!
by ABN October 05, 2004
A military excersize. Done by grabbing your ankles and squating over and over again.
Well wut the fuck ru waiting for get down and give me some Monkey fucker!
by Krytpo January 23, 2004
An idiotic person, or somebody you do not like.
"Look at that stupid monkey fucker.God I hate him."
by Attalina March 18, 2009
n. a provocative but endearing prankster, not exasperating enough to be deemed a motherfucker.
Did you drop a Mentos in my diet soda? You monkeyfucker.
by snarkymalarkey September 26, 2009
A person that partakes in Lewd Sexual conduct with Primates ot the Ape and Monkey Families.

Someone born in Nashville.
Pat Kelner is a Monkey Fucker
by Joe Ninety December 20, 2003
A person who is employed by a zoo or research facility to pleasure various primates so sexual tension does not build up to a problematic level.
Fifi is getting horny, she keeps putting bananas inside herself. Page the monkey fucker before the zoo opens.
by theeel February 20, 2008
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