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Hood version of Monkey Bars. Instead of being in a playground, Monkey Cars are Ghetto Cruisers, parking in the middle of street, with the doors open. Also, can have trunk, sunroof and hood open. Sometimes 1, but most of the time, 2 or 3 in a row, effectively blocking the street. Monkey Cars are then covered in local Jamokes and Brohemians climbing over them, in and out of them, on them or over them. Usually several dozen congregate in the pile. Usually in the group are a few break dancing hoodlums whirling to the deafening boom of an 808 kick drum.
Fuck, we can't get thru this street, there 3 Monkey Cars in the middle of the road, and they're having their own block party.
by ShiniGami666 June 09, 2008

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