1.) When a monkey, chimp, or Gorilla sets upon you in a forceful, violent, or hostile way.

2.) When a monkey, chimp, or Gorilla blames or abuses you violently.

3.) When a monkey, chimp, or Gorilla tries to destroy you.

4.) A monkey, chimp, or Gorilla military offensive strike.
Oh no, my leg is broken, my face is bloody, and I don't know my last name or where I live. Not another monkey attack!
by Prophet J February 07, 2009
Top Definition
A sexual maneuver wherein, a girl short in stature is between two men, who are facing each other. She grasps a penis with each hand and strokes, making the resemblance of a angry orangatang.
Damn, close friend, that midget on the other side of the room looks like she would give a mad monkey attack.
by The Chronic April 13, 2005
Being attacked by a simian female that wants to mate. She accomplishes this through the use of a technique known as the monkey mount, where she straddles her intended victim. She then forcibly takes the banana.
I was sitting on my couch when the monkey attacked me.
by Larzee March 19, 2011
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