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Monitor shopping is another form of window shopping. However, instead of stores its all through the internet. You’re online only browsing, not looking for anything in particular because you can’t afford it but you enjoy looking anyway. Maybe you’ll save something in your favorites for when you do have money.
Bill walks into the office from the left
Bill sees Bob on the computer. Shopping
Bill "Hey, are you shopping Bob? I thought you didn't have any money?"
Bob "I don't. I'm just monitor shopping"
by LadyPoison January 11, 2010
To look at all the things on a retail site without making a purchase.

You can look but you can't buy.
A: Ay, whatcha doing?

B: Monitor shopping on Asos.

A: Had to pay rent?

B: Yup.
by SociallyRetarded December 04, 2011

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