A person who gives credence to proverbs.
Monica Lewinsky: "Oh golly, Bill, you're ready for another already?"
Bill: "Now, Monica (honey), they have a saying here at the White House, that goes, 'One swallow doesn't make a Summer'."
by Darkmatter888 August 06, 2007
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A woman who had more President in her mouth than George W. Bush has in his entire body.
"Monica Lewinsky had sex in the White House, which is bragable."
by LittleFrog February 14, 2006
Another word for cocksucker
Your mom is such a Monica Lewinsky!
by ogrish_1982 April 08, 2006
bill clintons sex kitten...
"i did not have a sexual relationship with miss monica lewinsky"
by finby November 12, 2005
Intern that gave Clinton a great time.
Yo bitch, come on over here and give me a 'ML'. A Monica Lewinsky.
by Scarface_is_King June 25, 2004
Also known as "Lewinsky"

1. Anyone thoroughly educated in human oral hygene

2. An industrial suction cup (sucking something with a lot of power) ... 'cos like, Clinton had a lot of powe... nevermind
Oh man, I'm still raw - she gave me a proper Lewinsky ...
by Wu Dark March 30, 2004
I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
Monica Lewinsky got a mean head game dawg.
by da last dawg September 26, 2006
monica lewinsky: a person who brings the red light district closer to the white house.
if i had a law degree id suck his dick too

monica lewinsky was only doing what they taught her to do in law school
by flakker December 10, 2006
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