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Sadly to announce , an HT graduate who loves being hated as much as we love hating her. Often referred to as Chron,Chronica,slut,whore,skuzzlebutt,skank,snaggletooth,and Ew did you see that girl? Often seen with her crew called the "Chrontourage" (formerly known as the Goon Squad") Chron takes part in getting sloppy drunk, unattractive high, S'ing the D, and taking porn pics for facebook. Chron is believed to have the ABC's of STD's for the fact that she has a disease for each letter of the alphabet. Aspiring to one day be a playmate, and inevitably take down the playboy corporation, monica spends much of her time removing sections of her clothes and bleaching her hair. Overall between the stench, annoying shriek of a voice, and 8th street prostitute look, Chronica is a fail at life.
If you smell me before you see me i got monica chronica in my trunk
by Moose Knuckle69 September 08, 2010
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