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Means that cheap talk will get you nowhere, while money will
persuade people to do as you like.
Money talks, bullshit walks, that is how life goes.
by J. Malik May 19, 2006
When business needs to get done, talk all you want, but cash money is what makes things happen.
Need to get some girls up to your room at the hotel, the door"man" will c-block you and all your bullshit. A 20 spot will make both of your nights more enjoyable.

Money Talks, Bullshit Walks, pay the price, or walk it twice.
by Rob!! January 08, 2010
Everyone has a price, this saying just illustrates such a fact.
Guy: Wanna fuck?
Hot chick: No
Guy: For 2 grand?
Hot chick: alright, money talks, bullshit walks
by See Elle Tee January 23, 2010
The well-off aren't accountable for their actions in society. You can get away with murder as long as you grease the right palms.
"Weren't they covered by our insurance policy?"
"Yeah, that doesn't mean we're paying out."
"They're gonna sue the pants off us. It could turn into an ugly class-action."
"No problem. Money talks, bullshit walks. At the end of the day we'll pay less to make it go away in court."
by fkncnt January 20, 2014
That says when problems are solved only by giving out lots of money but being clueless otherwise, bullshit happens.
Where money talks, bullshit walks! Have you used M$ Vi$ta?
by GarryL January 28, 2008
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