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A scheme with a heartbeat. The money baby provides a dedicated, young couple with steady income provided by a wealthy baby's daddy. The following conditions must be satisfied:

1.)Trust is crucial in this operation. The male accomplice must not let feelings interfere. Likewise, the female accomplice must be emotionally detached throught the operation.
2.)The target male should be rich, married and unwilling to father an illegitimate child.
3.)The male accomplice should remain unknown. Affording him the ability to freely apply himself to the operation.
Female: Ok...the condoms are in his front-right pocket.
Male: Roger that. Make sure to spill the drink on his cell phone. Hey...I love you and be strong. We need a money baby.

Target Male: Aw shit! My phone!
by CnA_Go Coogs! February 07, 2008
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An extremely attractive girl. Close to perfection in the eye's of the speaker.
Hey Mike check out that money baby in the tight jeans.
by JPB October 07, 2005
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