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The same thing as bros icing bros, but with MONDOS. Mondo is the white person equivalent of kool aid jammers and can be found at the dollar store in packs of 6 for only one dollar. You must present the Mondo in a creative manner so that the victim finds it and chugs it on one knee while you yell obscenities at them. If you have Mondo's on you, you may use them as defense. The greatest defense known to date is five. The person who drank them all nearly threw up.
(Corey doesn't know he's part of a Mondoing scheme)

Nick: "Yo Corey come check out this new cd i got, it's in my trunk!"

Corey: "Sick, what cd is it!?"

(Everyone jumps in) "Ahhh you just got MONDO'D, get on your knee and chug it you pussy!"
by mondobike August 25, 2010
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