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Burnt out after a long weekend of partying, drinking, drugging, whoring- basically just enjoying life past extremes.
I can't believe I'm here today, I'm so Mondazed !
by Rob Postuma September 14, 2003
9 2
When you sit looking at the screensaver or random web page for long periods of time. Usually you are jolted to attention by your boss or talkative co-worker
"Sorry man, I was in a Mondaze."
"I didnt get any sleep this weekend, so i've been mondazed since McD's breakfast.
by Duder Mcphee August 24, 2009
5 1
That feeling when your brain is still unaware of your surroundings after a weekend.
Guy: How's it going?
Girl: What?
Guy: I just said "How's it going?"...
Girl: Sorry, I'm still a little mondazed.
by morninggsi January 31, 2011
1 0