A derogatory term for black children because of their resemblance to the 80's monkey-like dolls.
Don't buy this house, look at all those monchichi's playing in the park over there. You should buy in a different neighborhood.
by Booger757 July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A popular doll from the 80's. Looks like a little monkey with a freckeled human face, usually sucking it's thumb.
I need new clothes for my monchichi.
by 80's girl September 21, 2005
The monchichis are a monkey-like animal with a signature haircut- hairline on the forehead is a "three head" almost touching the eyebrows.
Avoiding a monchichi-like hairstyle.
by BC in LB June 10, 2008
Someone who has a haircut in a large afro/bowl shape. Reference to the 80's cartoon.
Monchichi haircut.
by Clevis McFarland April 07, 2004
Your balls after a sex marathon or gang bang, where there's a combination of sweat and bodily fluids acting as glue for lint hair and sex debris.
The last thing anyone wants is someone else's mon-chi-chi's in their face at a swingers party, but it's a goal to get yours on someone else.
by Lord cockring of balls. December 27, 2011
something soft and cuddly
fuzzy things, people or animals, kind of
by pywhackit September 15, 2004
Those cute little things from the early 90's.
Jamie: What the hell is that..?
by xbunnieslayerx March 27, 2005
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