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A derogatory term for a black man. Originated from people overhearing black men (riding on the rear of a garbage truck) yelling "Monback" to the driver - requesting that he reverse the vehicle or "come on back". Probably originated from a racist joke describing three tribes of black people:

The Monback's - These folks are hard working! They work in the Sanitation industry. Standing behind the Garbage truck waving their hands and saying "Mon-Back.

The Motee's - These people have great pride and work very hard. They work in the food service industry. You can recognize them by the towel generally draped over their arm and the pitcher they hold. They walk around endlessly to all of the patrons of their establishment. They can be heard uttering "You want some motee?"

The Doodahs - They Doodah's are the laziest bunch. They have a pair of extra clean work boots that they never put on. The calling card of the Doodahs are the words "Doodah Welfare check come today?"
Man #1: "Did you know there are three tribes of blacks?"

Man #2: "Well, I've heard of two, but what is the third?"

Man #1: "The 'Monback's', they descended from men standing behind the garbage truck yelling, 'Monback, nigga"!
by Juderunner February 13, 2008
Short for Come On Back. Typically used when a large object is being guided backwards into an area. big bird
Monback Melissa, monback!!
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
The title given to any random bystander who is willing to guide a backing vehicle by spotting the rear for the driver.
The trucker gave the crackhead $5 'cause he needed a monback to get into the alley safely.
by shameful bastard child April 03, 2006

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