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A very religious person
"I can't believe she goes to church every other day!"
"Yeah, she's definitely a monastery."
by lovveelllyyxx3 July 07, 2009
Only the coolest, dirtiest, bangin' club on Earth. Monastery, more commonly known as Mono, is where the filthiest of all nightclubbers spend their Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday nights. In the dark corners of this dirty, dirty place you will find a certain, awesome breed of scum, who can commonly be found in fluro attire, singlets, hats, and covered in tattoos and immense amounts of sweat. The people in this place are often seen chewing on their own cheeks due to a high intake of illicit drugs. Mono locals are also known as the "Mono Rat". Also known for it's sick DJs and cranky sour faced bar attendants.
"OMG have you seen all the Mono Rats at the Monastery?"
"I know... the Monastery is so dirty."
by Mono Rat March 16, 2010

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