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A plan put in place by clever mothers whereby they take something of value within their household that is not their own, secretly trade it or sell it for cash, and re-purpose the funds to increase their own wardrobe or jewelry holdings. The scheme works so long as there is an endless supply of goods coming into the home that can easily go un-noticed by a spouse or their family.
Jennifer had developed the perfect Momzi scheme. Each week she would take an oxford shirt out of her husband Tom's closet and hide it in the back of her Lexus. Once a month she would take them to the local consignment store and get enough cash for them to help buy herself a new wardrobe. Tom never noticed the shirts missing, and on the rare occasion he did, Jennifer blamed the dry cleaners. Slowly but surely Jennifer expanded the scheme to include shoes, tools, golf clubs, baseball hats, and universal remote controls. The kids possessions were next on the list.
by Daylorb November 23, 2010
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