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v. A new mother's unfortunate need to talk endlessly about their new children despite the fact that no one actually cares. Updates and pictures and stories are plastered all over social media. Can continue indefinitely and is not limited to only new mothers and their babies, but that is what is most common.
Jane: This is Tommy playing with his blocks! So cute! I'm so blessed!
Carol: This is the tenth picture you've posted of your kid in an hour, stop with the mommy blogging already!
by BallisticWeasel September 20, 2013
When a stay-at-home mom documents her trillion children, usually with weird nicknames like "Tiny", "Tot", "Playful", and always secretly eyeing the trends of the public. Also the author of some book.
Jim: Well, what is this?
Bob: Eh, it's some Mommy Blogging gimmick by a mom with a trillion kids.
Jim: Yep.

The blog:
Blogger: So, my little Mini went to daycare yesterday, and she made this weird drawing, blah blah blah...