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1. To grab someone by the back of the neck with a pinch and drag them around.(like a momma cat).

2. To manhandle someone by the neck to get them to do what you want.
That bitch wouldn't cook me dinner so i had to momma-cat her ass back into the kitchen!
by phoneman005 July 01, 2014
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Noun: Miserable feline bitch cat who insists on being pampered and fed by the pitiful humans who give her shelter and (ant-infested) food. Extremely territorial and full of immense attitude, especially towards other females and bananas.

Adverb: One who is female and possesses a massive attitude for no apparent reason and struts around like God's fuckin' gift on Earth (may be due to having six nipples).

Verb: To give an attitude and upper nose to another. To swat with claw-like nails at someone without warning or reason. To be a bitch cunt.
Noun: Momma-Cat is a whore bitch.

Adverb: You're such a Momma-Cat whore bitch.

Verb: That whore is Momma-Catting like a bitch.
by Trouble The Cat April 04, 2006

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