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V: To overprotect and indulge a person.

N: A person, especially an effeminate Man, who is pampered, sometimes called a Mary

(Derived from the name Molly, a nickname for Mary)
"Yo, stop mollycoddling the boy and let him shoot some hoops!"

"Let's not mollycoddle our students!"
by ZatoEd May 12, 2004
To treat somebody like a little baby. To carry somebodies ASS!!!
"If you Molly Coddle him, he will NEVER fucking learn to do his job! Let him do it or the BOSS can fire HIM!!!"
by phatdave September 28, 2007
What parents often do to their kids. When they explain something but leave out important details because they think it's inappropriate, or when they sugar-coat the truth because they think it's inappropriate, or when they flat-out lie about something because they think the truth is inappropriate. A good resource of getting around mollycoddling is Urban Dictionary, because it has almost all of the TRUE definitions of things that parents will often mollycoddle. Or one can Google a question that they've asked their parents to verify that nothing has been mollycoddled in the answer. Of course, many parents know of these resources so they keep their kid off of the internet.
Example 1) Kid: Mommy, how are babies made?
Mother: The stork, which is a magical bird.
Kid: *Google-searches question* *sniff* Mommy lied to me. Waaaaahhhh!!!!
Mother: Crap. My mollycoddle failed.

Example 2) Kid: Mommy, what are my balls used for?
Mother: Their just there.
Kid: *searches "Balls" on Urban Dictionary and Google* *sniff* Mommy lied! Waaaaah!
by I hate mollycoddlers March 23, 2010
To gargle a penis in the back of one's throat while massaging the testicles and scrotum.
Did you hear her mollycoddle him for a good half hour? It was distracting.
by Poppycock909 August 01, 2010
A 21st century Peg Bundy. A meth addicted whore. Spends her days on the internet ignoring her kids. Has an insatiable hunger for lying and attention. In general, you would never want your kids hanging out at this kids house.
You got the number of a good divorce attorney?? I have a mollycoddle in my house.
by CardTrader November 15, 2007

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