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A controlling, dominant female who is very demanding. A BULLDOG.
Dang your ol lady is a Mollie. Shes so mean and bossy.
by bulldog_owner October 05, 2010
14 83
A sex bomb who takes control in the bedroom and gives extreme plesure and ecstacy.
"she was a mollie last night in bed!"
by Mollie March 08, 2005
795 376
Funny some other people have already written this, but to combine them all... which is a more accurate and reliable definition.

a) Ironically, Mollie means pure MDMA (total ecstasy). Anyone from Cali or NY or Texas knows that. Even more ironically, the only girl I know named Mollie (who spells it with an 'ie') is complete ecstasy to be around. In short, Mollie = ecstasy. b)Inexplainably cool. c) great in the sack. d) sex bomb
--That's one cool chick.
--Yeah, she's a Mollie.


--We're rolling.
--Yeah, I love Mollie.
by Jake V. March 09, 2007
512 220
street for ecstasy. pure form of MDMA. also, tropical fish.
i got two mollie's tonight
by pocketmice4peace January 26, 2007
455 233
Super sexy, really nice and funny, really sweet, and an all around amazing
Mollie is an amazing girl and i wish she would go out with me
by MizzouMan2895 February 08, 2011
197 105
She is super nice, funny, and SO sexy! She has a ton of friends who love her and is definitely boyfriend material. She is drop dead gorgeous and is super athletic. She is just the whole package. She is a great kisser and is a sex kitten. Usually have blond hair, blue eyes, and are really tan. She is just amazing!
Guy 1: There is a smoking hot girl in my English class!

Guy 2: Ohhh so she was a Mollie! LUCKY!

Guy 1: Yeahhh I know.
by ilovegirlsnamedmollie February 14, 2010
236 175
a gorgeous girl, cheerleader , HOTT, the type of girl you want to marry, sweet, tall, has a big butt, a brunette
mollie is amazing. you should marry mollie.
by paulbob February 12, 2010
186 153
A beautiful human inside and out. Always cheers you up and strives to keep you safe. Would make anyone proud to make her a wife someday. Also usually dresses coconuts, and loves jessie j more than counting underwear.
That coconuts wearing a hat, thats so Mollie!
by littlelegs23 November 19, 2012
67 36