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molli is a fat mullet! short on the top so it can be made into a fowhawk for possible myspace pictures, and long in the back so if her hair straightener breaks, she can still pull it into a pony tail!
There molli was, hugging every single boy in sight.
by Lauren Castellone April 21, 2006
A Molli scores primarily orange with a shade of blue on the true colours test. Extremely kinesthetic and has great intrapersonal skills.

Not only is a Molli smart but she is also extremely good looking.

A Molli usually has a boyfriend who is equally good looking and very smart.
Wow, you're such a Molli for scoring orange and blue on the true colours test.

I wish I looked like a Molli.

People are jealous of Mollis because they take all the good looking guys.
by Orange Blue March 27, 2008
Mollis, Found in GTA4 as Part of a spam Email
Also used as spam in World of Warcraft as usefull as using Goat Trade in the middle of a sentence
Kuro: Hey Whats times the Raid tonight?
by Kurotshuchi May 26, 2008