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"Mother Others (would) Like (to) Fuck"

A mom who you know that all your horny friends would totally do, but since you know her personality flaws you are not interested.
- That gal in the office is so freaking annoying, she is a talkaholic and whatever she has to say does not make any sense... Plus she talks a lot about her kids, she is too young anyway to have kids.
- But she's kinda good looking... I'd say she's a MILF.
- Maybe for you bro. For me it's a no-go - which makes her a MOLF.
by Szlengmester February 27, 2014
A phase that stands for More Or Less Fly, used when doing or trying something for the first time with a medium to high level of enjoyment.
I hate to say it, but this goat cheese is MOLF!
by Valerie4789 May 19, 2008