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An adjective that describes a trait or traits of seemingly creepy individuals. Used mostly when referencing, but not limiting to, mustaches or oddly bland and rather conspicuous panel vans. Credited to TL.
Ty: Yeah, can you send a patrol car to 123 Main St. There's a creepy man in a what looks like a gray utility van.

911 Dispatch: Can you describe him for me, Sir?
Ty: Yeah...he's wearing a navy blue sweatshirt, looks like leather gloves, and he's got a thick mustache. He's sitting in the ally looking all molesterish!
911 Dispatch: Units are on their way.
by macclifford November 10, 2014
(Adj.) Having the quilites of a child molester.
The man lurking by the playground looks molesterish.
by IronKing November 02, 2012

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