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'noun' A very attractive person/child. Often used to describe someone under the age of 18 or up to 15 years younger than you. If it's more than 15 years you are just a pervert.
Girl 1 (age 23): "OMG! That 15 year old boy is such a little molestable!"
Girl 2 (age 24) : "Like OMG like totally! I would soo do him!"
Girl 1 (age 23) : "You should so do it! His parents are really cool, you won't even have to do time!"
#molest #molestable #pervert #child #adult
by Savah March 20, 2007
When you see someone that looks so good, you want to molest them.
person mumber 1: dude that guy is SO hot!
person number 2: Oh my gosh I know. He is totally molestable!

*gets up and molests hot kid*
by xwishfulthinkingX September 08, 2004
a child so cute you just want to molest them
OMG david arroyo at age 7 is SOO molestable!!!
he is!!!!
#molest #david #it #is #fun
by fruhling June 12, 2010
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