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1: Small, underground dwelling mammal. Has hardly any fur and. Pretty awesome really.

2: Another name for a penis because of the remarkable resemblance the mole rat holds to a shrivled, old, un-circumcised penis.
If your penis looks EXACTLY the same as a mole rat, you should probably have the teeth removed before attempting sexual contact with your partner.
by Martin the mole rat February 03, 2009
When you say molerat, whatever you are saying has to be utterly and completely true.
"Did you have sex with my girlfriend?"

"No I didn't, I swear!"


by molerat7586735812653812 March 25, 2010
A poor 'white trash' type female with 'rat like' features,
(pointed nose, thin face, tail, etc.) considered to be a slut or a hooker.
Man! What did you think you were doing taking that girl out? Everyone knows that she's a molerat!

Whoa? That feral girl slept with the whole football team? Seems like a molerat to me!
by Lorii June 25, 2007
Crazy dark haried female, liable to eat sugar and talk shit.
Naked molerat say punk ass mothafukka
by Mole Catcher July 29, 2004
an ugly girl thats skinny as shit and has no body whats so ever its all bone .. the prudest girl you'll ever meet and also fakes about doing shit with guys . she talks to more than one guy atonce she mainly prefers MEXICANS. nothing uglier comes to mind when uou hear the name justice. she has no ass or boobs. she tends to get on girls bad sides so they can beat her ass (hopefully soon) she trys to steeal girls boyfriends but she wont put out so they so oh hell no. she has the ugliest teeth and loves rainbow hair
ew look at the mole rat it reminds me of a justice.
by pr3++y wh1+3 g1rl August 05, 2011
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