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1. Something that is fucking ugly
2. Unbearable to the human eye
3. Indescribable filth
4. One word to sum up all the ugly things in the entire world
5. If something is Moizly it must be disposed of immediately
6. If someone is Moizly, he/she should commit suicide due to the fact that nothing or no one can do anything for him/her

ATTENTION: Do not throw this word around since its capabilities are beyond imaginable. Despite just being hurtful to hear, this word can cause much psychological harm to both children AND adults. Use at your own risk.
1. Ew, that shot was just Moizly
2. Ew Johnny is so Moizly
ALERT: Johnny committed suicide 3 days later
#ugly #unbearable #disgusting #flithy #sucide
by Akash Jittal December 22, 2009
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