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A combination of moistness and oilyness originating from the crack of the ass.

1. Gosh Diana! My ass-crack sure is moily after that fart I just let!

2. After Diana slid her hand down Dave's pants and along his greasy butt-crack, her hand was all "moily".
#moist #oily #greasy #slick #slimy
by Ryan Lake July 08, 2006
8 Words related to Moily
A term used to describe someone who is both "moist" and "oily." While its most common use is by far in reference to ass juices, it can also be used to describe someone's face in a degrading or demeaning way.
That girl is so moily. Ew.
#moist #oily #female #male #moly
by rectumraider69 May 18, 2010
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