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A word often used to negate a homosexual act. Very similar to phrase, "no homo" but used in more intensely homosexual acts or statements. The word is used around the world with several different pronunciations, such as the Brit version, "Maw-How-Naw". Mohono is often used with the letters TTM after the word, which stands for, "To The Max." That form is used mostly when the homosexuality level reaches unbearable discomfort.
JJ: Dude, Mohono TTM but you look really cute today, your shirt really brings out the highlights in your hair!
Amir: Mohono, but thanks dude, you look pretty dandy yourself, surprisingly because you didn't even wash your hair in four months!
#mohono #mo ho no #moho no #ttm #mohonottm #mohono ttm #nohomo #no homo #homo
by Yeah brehh October 18, 2009
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