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To give a ride to a Pasenger on a Pedal Bike. This phraise was used mainly in the South of Liverpool, U.K
Please may I have a Lift on your Cycle? = Giz a Mogger.
by Johnnylarsen September 22, 2007
A word usually used in the gaming society when you're trying to be harmful, but not racist.

A non-racist way of saying the word "Nigger", as of the conclusion that, on your keyboard, the letter "M" is to the right from "N", and "O" is to the right from "I"; switch the letters and you'll have the word "Mogger".
Oh yeah, mogger gots them Nikes on!
by I Am jeff June 24, 2011
The boogers you pull out of your nose after riding an ATV all day in the mud and dirt. sometimes also found in the corners of your eyes.
Holy crap dude look at this mogger I just pulled out of my nose!
by J207 July 10, 2008
A person who goes mogging. Someone who enjoys drinking the vaginal fluids of a young dead female.
"Yo Leland, are you gonna be Mogger 1 or 2 tonight?"
by Mogger1 January 06, 2005

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