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Mogad is the word that comes up when someone tried to type in the word "noice" in t9. Mogad is simply a word/expression to hearing something positive and exciting. Because it can only be used with something that is very exciting there is no need for using exclamation marks. Mogad is more powerful than any amount of exclamation marks that can be entered. The extremest form of excitement/approval.
Guy #1- "Hey i got this weekend off so we can go to the concert!"
Girl wanting to go to concert with guy #1- "Mogad"

Different guy #1- "Yo I got an extra case for tonight for free at work today"
*Guy #2- "MOGAD"

*In some cases of extreme awesomeness (alcohol, women, sporting events) an all-caps version of Mogad may be used.
by mogadjoo September 21, 2010

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