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The state of confusion after seeing a new episode of the British TV Show Doctor Who written by head writer Steven Moffat, when more questions are raised than answered. Usually occurs after an episode that ends in a cliffhanger that hints at several possible conclusions.

Similar to being mind-fucked.
Person 1: Did you see last night's Doctor Who?

Person 2: Yeah, what is going on? I've been Moffucked yet again!
by aiaisanotareal April 30, 2011
The end result of watching a 'last episode' of any TV serial written by Steven Moffat, owing to the impossibility, confusion and pure anger at very complex and brilliant plots. Especially when there is a sizeable gap between one episode and the next. Usually found in relation to British Television shows Sherlock and Doctor Who.
A: Did you see that episode last night? It was infuriating!
B: I know! My head's been totally moffucked!

Interchangeable with 'mind-fucked'
by Admixt January 21, 2012
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