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When cursing is unacceptable because you're either at church or at a business meeting or among mixed company or you want your underage kids to use a curse word and the verb or noun mother fucker needs to be used you can you mofackle instead.
Confession to Priest: Forgive me father, for i have been a bad mofackle!

In anger: You are on dumb mofackle!

Son: Daddy that mother fucker almost hit us running that red light!

Dad: I know son but please use mofackle instead!
by Don Gesu (Zio Carmine) October 05, 2010
A polite way of referring to someone, or something, as a Mother Fucker.
Steph is my favorite Mo Fackle!

Bear is drunk as a Mo Fackle.

I am high as a Mo Fackle!

That Mo Fackle got three jobs.
by MoneyRik August 20, 2010
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