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Someone who when playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 runs around with akimbo models and kills people
Dominic: DANG! That guy with the models ugghhhhhhhh!

by yankfan7 September 01, 2010
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A model whose most obvious quality (after being a skinny bitch) is that of a whore.

"Model whore" is often what fat girls, ugly girls, and/or insecure girls use to describe models. The model need not be an actual whore in this case.
"She thinks she's all that just because she's in a few magazines. Well, she's a whore. A model whore."

"That model whore wears the same size clothing as my baby sister."
by elle renae June 14, 2010
a model whore is a person from wisconsin who has modeled for clothing companies
casey, you're such a model whore. you stupid model whore. got ya, model whore.
by Weeble Man June 22, 2004

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