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Moda - n (MOH-duh), A word or statement that has no particular value to the person using it but can be twisted and manipulated by another to be used negatively against the original user.
Person 1 - "Your mom"

Person 2 - "Yeah I know she is but you still made out with her."

Person 2's response is a "moda"
by Lucky Str1k3 November 07, 2009
Moda ( pronounced mo-day)

The act of a threeway with a mother and her daughter, or your girlfriend and her mom.
Damn dawg I just had a moda with my new girl. It was awesome!!
by Durant 8876 October 26, 2013
Museum of Design Atlanta or MODA is the only museum in the southeastern U.S. devoted exclusively to design. Most popular exhibits include "Graphic Noise" featuring contemporary concert posters from around the world and "Japanese Design 100" highlighting modern Japanese product designs.
MODA is located in downtown Atlanta and is free to the public Tues-Sat 11-5pm.
by MODAGrrl September 11, 2005
Another word for tomorrow.
Hell yea man, you comings to school moda?
by modafuckinjesusbitch September 11, 2010
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