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1. A website member (commonly female) who actively seeks to date or sleep with Forum Moderators "Mods" to gain popularity or special treatment.

2. A website member who sucks up to all the mods. Pretending to be their friend just to use them.

3. A flipper, toss up who has dated two or more forum mods on a website.

4. A chicken head bitch who thinks mods are a great catch.

5. A gold digging whore who aims high and lands low.

6. A Mod Hopper who bounces from mod to mod, usually trading up mods for new popularity or when her well runs dry with the last guy. Someone with no loyalty who's faking the front.

7. A scandalous hoe who fucks mods on a whore board by any means necessary with no regard for who gets hurt.
Person B. What do ya expect, the beezie is a tired old mess she's been ran thru by a mod or four, she's just another scandalous whore she'll be a mod chaser till her tail hits the floor
by hoetalk July 10, 2011

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