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Any wanna be Hoe, a female who can't cut it as hoe.

1. An aspiring prostitute who isn't worth paying for and can't cut it as a whore. A slut who can't give it away and tries to get paid.

2. A tired old washed up hoe, a bitch that never advanced and got out the game, who is still waiting for her "pretty woman" dream to come true.

3. A slut who has fooled others into thinking she's worth paying for. She tricks people into thinking she is all that by playin the princess role, proof that the review system aint all gold.

4. That bitch be on her five point toes, her lambourfini's worn out on the track. Stuck in her day. The oldest Ho in the stable.

5. A bitch who wants to get paid but is to lazy to go get it, she is the laziest ho on the block. That hoe always lookin for the easy way out. Typically found hangin on the coat tails of go getta's to ride anota bitches success.
Who kelly? I know you didn't pay that wanstitute, that bitch been on the track since Fred Flintstone was cruzin it, she's tired dried up saggy pussy old hoe.
by hoetalk July 10, 2011
When a hoe chooses a brotha who don't know pimpin and teaches him the game he becomes a ho-made pimp, in otha words he's a simp.

A pimp who learned all his game from a hoe.

A pimp who was nobody till a hoe laced his shoes.
Who, Raheem? nigga he aint game tight, that nigga's a ho-made pimp
by hoetalk July 10, 2011
A Street Walkin saggy old hoe.

A street walker / prostitute with saggy titties who's old as dirt and got no bidness on the turf.

The only indie on the track, the hoe is to saggy and old for any self respecting pimp to treat like gold.

A washed up street walking hooker who's day has came and went.
nigga that bitch tracy is a swagahoe, why you think he let that ho go
by hoetalk July 10, 2011
A gold digging whore who actively seeks out forum moderators "mods" to date.

A ho on a whore board who sleeps with mods for free thinking she will be a popular ho, but just ends up a broke joke.

A mod chaser who dates mods to gain popularity and special treatment, a skank bitch seeking status off the backs of several mods she spreads her legs for.

An aged hookers claim to fame. A used up prostitute who's best accomplishment is getting fucked by mods on a whore board.
female B. She's a mod hopper, thought you knew, if your your man's a mod she'll fuck him to.
by hoetalk July 10, 2011
1. A website member (commonly female) who actively seeks to date or sleep with Forum Moderators "Mods" to gain popularity or special treatment.

2. A website member who sucks up to all the mods. Pretending to be their friend just to use them.

3. A flipper, toss up who has dated two or more forum mods on a website.

4. A chicken head bitch who thinks mods are a great catch.

5. A gold digging whore who aims high and lands low.

6. A Mod Hopper who bounces from mod to mod, usually trading up mods for new popularity or when her well runs dry with the last guy. Someone with no loyalty who's faking the front.

7. A scandalous hoe who fucks mods on a whore board by any means necessary with no regard for who gets hurt.
Person B. What do ya expect, the beezie is a tired old mess she's been ran thru by a mod or four, she's just another scandalous whore she'll be a mod chaser till her tail hits the floor
by hoetalk July 10, 2011
A chaise girl is the Paris Hilton of the trailer park.
Average looks likely to have a better body than face.

A conceited, high maintenance, shallow female that pretends she is worth her weight in gold.

Overly talented in false appearances

Excessively lazy, entitled, rude & snotty.

A couch potato with golden pussy syndrome.
A freeloader always looking for her next benefactor.

To lazy to dig for gold her surroundings do not change much while her geographical locations often do.

Most known for laying about her chaise aka a borrowed couch.

Don't waste your time buddy she's just a chaise girl, she'll lounge around all day while you step and fetch like a little bitch.
by hoetalk July 11, 2011
A big hoe who gets paid.

A down ass big bitch who knows how to get it betta than most.

BBW provider on the internet who makes a lot of money.

Top dolla big hoe.

A big body hoe who's game tight and paid right.
"Nigga you trippin, that's my big body benz, I put her up against any of your top tens!
by hoetalk July 10, 2011

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