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Noun, adjective. Any item of reproduction furniture or tourist souvenir which is made in the STYLE of the designer Charles Rennie MacKintosh but is just a cheap rip-off of the great man's work. Edinburgh gift shops are full of this rubbish, always cheaply made and ill-proportioned.
Helpfully contains the words 'mock' (mimic) and 'tosh' (nonsense).
'I love those dining chairs with the grid of squares in the very high back.'
'Don't go there, dear. They're mockintosh. Made in Luton from stacking palettes.'
by McCririck's unlucky Laundress September 12, 2005
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An attempt by Windows users to modify the GUI in order to make it look like a Mac; something that looks like a Macintosh GUI but is actually something else.
"I've turned my Windows XP install into a Mockintosh as soon as I finished building my PC,"
by Huck Jones September 15, 2008
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