its in the blood

that need deep down, to get drunk, break stuff, and embarass yourself

although its not embarassing

its too mint
by MockMaker101 September 27, 2010
(Noun) A classy type sweater/shirt with a half turtleneck collar which hugs the neck. Keeps the neck warm and thus keeps the body warm. And looks damn sexy on men. Women want men who wear mocks because they are sexy beasts.
Estelle: Wow he looks hot in that Mock today.
Leevi: I know i wish he was wearing his double Mock.
Adrienne: I said GOD DAMN HE's A SEXY BEAST in that Mock!
by Your Mockness March 27, 2007
A common nickname for golems, men made out of clay in Jewish folklore. They were called Mocks because they were a mockery of men.
I... am... and always will be... a mock.
by Jack Mock August 12, 2003
A word similar in structure to some slang words (such as eff.) that can universally replace any word. It can be a adjective, adverb, verb, noun, pronoun, pretty much anything.
What the mock?
Shut the mock.
You dumb mock.
I'm going to mock you.
What's up mock?
Dumb mocker!
by Decimo September 22, 2005
1Mock: Someones last name
2Mock: a song
3Mock: a razor
4Mock: What you do to someone.
5Mock: a bird
6Mock: the mock that rymes with everything
1.Hi my name is Trisha Mock!
2.Mock-yeah-ing-yeah-bird-yeah..(the rest is on dumb and dumber).
3. I am going to use my Mock3 razor this morning.
4. Stop fuckin mocking me!!
5. I shot a fucking mocking bird today while I was hunting for fish.
6. Mock cock sock dock fock etc..
by Trisha Mock June 23, 2003
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