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When you forget to bookmark some great porn and don't remember the title of the video and don't know any of the models' names, you have to go searching for it in an endless sea of porn.
I'm so frustrated! I spent all afternoon moby dicking to no avail.
by goyo May 21, 2016
To engage in the act of coitus with an overweight girl, but with extreme physical force and a great passion.

Drunken sex can often be classified as a "Moby Dicking", due to the lack of judgement, but the intact passion of lovemaking.
"Can you believe Hank beats his girlfriend?"
"Yeah, I heard about that. I bet when they're alone she gets a solid Moby Dicking."

“To the ass, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I hump at thee; For hate's sake, I shoot my last load at thee!"
by lordmb April 12, 2010
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