To have a extreme large amount of pubic hair by the penis.
My friend got his pants pulled down and he had a huge mobley.
by ddm? June 04, 2006
Top Definition
A Mobley is an extraordinary guy! He is a very genuine person with many great traits. He is a very sweet person he loves life and is always there to help someone in need. He is very loyal and will stick with you till the end. If you are fortunate enough to have one as a boyfriend hold on to him because his heart is worth the world. He will stay faithful to you and give you the world. You will never be able to leave him alone. He will never give you a dull moment. He is super affectionate and easy to love. If you are the one for him you will know it because he will treat you like a queen. And to you automatically you can tell he is a perfect man all together and is worth your all.
Mobley is amazing in every way!
by nascarfanman June 03, 2014
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