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What you feed message board trolls to provoke them.
Hungry Troll: I hate Chuck Norris
Troll Feeder: NOWAIZ! Chuck is awesum!
Former Hungry Troll: Your all idiots.
by Keraz Eguy February 05, 2010
large ring of water surrounding a castle
OR the gigantic golden toilet of a very rich man.
"holy shit, you shoulda seen that rich guys moat!"
"he got a castle?!"
"no, stupid, the TOILET"
by Gwando November 09, 2003
To be totaly and absolutly screwed over
after geting struck by lightning 15 times in a row every one knew dave had been moatsed
by Anonymous June 07, 2003
a half goat, half man.
Meg loves to look at moats.
by Allisonnnnnnnnz January 06, 2009
The nightlife phenomenon that occurs when several creeps and/or lurkers simultaneously surround a dance floor and leer at the dancing women in a disturbing fashion. A full moat occurs when the creep formation achieves a full 360 degree circle around the victims.
Entranced by the rhythmic pulses of the women's tender bodies, Steve joined the other creeps in forming a moat around the dancefloor.
by Bobby Ganouj July 09, 2009
Something dank, digusting, and repulsive; much like something one would expect to find in a moat.
"What's this in the fridge?"
"I don't know, but it's totally moat."
by Moat-dweller. February 22, 2005
pronounciation = (Mow-At!)

Marv decided he was FOP, went to the can and
dropped a MOAT.

by PRTHD WMN September 15, 2005
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