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A subversion of LOL (laugh out loud), but stands for maniacally laughing out loud. Maniacal can be summed up as "affected with or suggestive of madness". MLOL'ing can be used in gest or when you are simply up to no good.
I just sent you a picture of what I'm going to do to you later on!!! MLOL MLOL MLOL!!!!

- or -

You cheatin' MFer, wait til you see your car!!! MLOL MLOL MLOL!!!!
by The Maniacal Beings June 29, 2010
mental laugh out loud.

When you say lol your really laughing inside your mind.
Susy: "This chat is getting really boring but funny!"
Bob: "mlol, I know!"
by akireenovy January 27, 2010
Moans Lustfully Out Loud
Lobi: *shows pic of self*
Pandar: Mlol
by BonerApa January 21, 2011
maybe laugh out loud?

1. When you're not sure if "lol" is the right thing to add.

2. If you don't know if your laugh will be received appropriately, and the other person will take offense to you laughing.

3. If you are not sure the other person finds something as funny as you do.
Toni: "I saw this guy fall down the stairs, and his girlfriend got it on video. mlol?"

Dave: "Yeah, lol! :)" or "Yeah, rofl!"
by Davesnothear March 26, 2010
Internet slang. Short for "laughing out loud"
Bob says: You are gay
-J- says: mlol
by -J- March 12, 2004
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