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A word used to emphasize or substitute in almost any situation in which the words; nice, sweet, awesome, dope, dang, burn or sick could be substituted. It is most commonly used as a response of agreement to another comment where any one of these words, or similar words were used.

Also may be used as a friendly greeting (Most commonly followed by a head nod or wave)

The word originated just outside Winnipeg MB, but has quickly spread throughout the province.
Original: "That was an awesome shot he just made."
Substitution: "Mlang, nice shot!"

Comment:"That is such a sick song!"
Response: "Mlang!"

Greeting: "Hey (Insert name), Mlang!"
by Mlang2009 July 17, 2009
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A tiny town found in the southern most island of the Philippines, Mindanao. Everyone in the town are friendly people and usually goes to each others house uninvited.
"Let's go to Mlang!"
by Ella12el August 19, 2008
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