A slang term for Missouri University, who has arguably the most underachieving athletic program in the Big 12 and in the country
Remember the time we named mizzou arena after someone who cheated through college

Mizzou was an NIT bubble team
by ooby March 31, 2007
Short for the University of Missouri, a mid-major school with mediocre sports programs.
Mizzou lost in the first round of the NIT tournament.
by Gern October 27, 2004
Missouri University. mizzou sports is one of the things that everyone in columbia obsesses over (along with the cities of St Louis and KC (not the NFL teams, but the cities themselves because they are so "hard," and "gangsta")). over half of the people at hickman wear mizzou clothing on a daily basis, which i find very sad.
you'll never find anythign mizzou on me, but you can find SD on me. as much as i dislike mizzou, i'll probably end up going there because of the fact that i live in columbia (how unfortunate)
by robert March 18, 2005
A slang term for failure.
1. I couldn't get into DeVry so I went to Mizzou
2. Mizzou didn't even make the NIT
3. I can't spell Missouri so I'll just write Mizzou
4. I go to Mizzou, I am impotent.
5. My mom is my sister, I must go to Mizzou
by RainmanKC August 26, 2006

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