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the study of mixing drinks and cocktails
Bartenders study mixology.
by Mic October 07, 2003
The term used by employees of bars and night clubs to mask the fact that they are bartenders. It is intended to make the occupation sound more important or part of the sciences
Golfer #1: My three sons are doing quite well. One is a wetland ecologist, one is a biologist, and the other works in mixology.
Golfer #2: No, your "mixologist" son serves Cosmos at a gay bar in South Beach. He is a bartender.
by Launchpad McWhack August 23, 2011
An imaginary subject that would fucking own.
I want to study mixology.
by JMJ September 03, 2003
The study of mixing music, includes sub-genres of DJing, mash-ups, bastard pop, and remixing.
Dude, it's the electronic age of music! Mixology lets you use other songs as a palette with which to paint the song of your imagination.
by _darb September 29, 2007
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