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More lame-brain than a nitwit, this is a supporter of Mitt Romney, who is so dull that he/she actually believes this insincere, say-anything-to-win GOP presidential candidate.
Q: Who could possilbly vote for Romney?
A: Only a Mittwit with shit-for-brains.
by maninboulder December 26, 2011
\Mitt-wit\ adj : 1. : Stupid 2. : Laughable 3. : Lacking intellectual thoughtfulness.
Paul Ryan presented a mittwit speech at the RNC, full of distortions and half-truths.
by Woodstock1964 September 25, 2012
1) Mitt Romney supporters
2) Geniuses like Ted Neugent, Jon Voigt, Gene Simmons, LindsBritney Minaj & etc. (Eastwood gets a pass on this one because he has actual conversations with chairs, so he's probably just senile. Or maybe schizophrenic, like Moses and the guys who wrote the bible).
Gina: You were a Kiss groupie back in the day, weren't you Amber?

Amber: Yeah, I used to think Gene Simmons was so hot. Now it's just embarrassing, what with that lame-ass reality show...and he's a Mitt Romney supporter!
Gina: Yet another...
Gina & Amber together: MITTWIT!!!
by Mammy Yokum October 17, 2012
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