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(n.) 1. Actor, Oliver from Hannah Montana, also a singer. 2. Has the coolest hair. 3. One of the nicest celebrities there is.
Mitchel Musso is the actor who plays Oliver in Hannah Montana.
by Chelsee_isTMTH March 29, 2008
A very sweet actor on Hannah Montana, and Phineas and Ferb. He is also a very talented singer. He is the brother of Mason Musso, lead singer of Metro Station and Marc Musso, also an actor.
OMGz isn't Mitchel Musso just SOOOO CUTE?!
by heylivhey March 29, 2008
A halfway decent teen Disney actor who enjoys a hairstyle that happens to make him look like a circumsized penis!
Mitchel Musso's hair looks like the head of a dick!
by derf0029 April 15, 2008
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